During 1998, a group of people representing churches and Christian organisations in Bedford shared in a vision to have a town centre chaplaincy. Over the course of a period of seven years, the Bedford Town Centre Chaplaincy (BTCC) came into being. Many discussions were held as this group journey over the intervening years. New faces joined as other moved on.

Similar to hospital and prison chaplaincies, a town centre chaplaincy would be based within the town and available to all users of the town centre. There are other town centre chaplaincies therefore, some modelling took place based on their experience.

The establishment of BTCC was always seen as a model for Bedford churches to work together, owning and developing this new initiative. At the Bunyan Meeting in Mill Street during 2011 a large group of pastor and clergy met and agreed to continue with the initiative of establishing a town centre chaplaincy; from this a small steering group was elected to represent the larger body of the church.

Through consultation, which included external professional advisors the Steering Group established a pattern for the delivery of the Chaplaincy within the town centre. The steering group welcomed advice and support provide by established Town Centre Chaplaincies in Luton and Watford

This concentrated on three main areas: Retail, Markets days and Borough Hall.

The Logo

Bedford is a town of Bridges. Our logo represents both the bridges of Bedford and hands reaching out to make contact.

BTCC is here for all the people of Bedford regardless of their background, helping people to help themselves.

Our Vision Statement

‘We, the Christians of Bedford, working together and with others, provide a regular visible and caring presence in the town, showing God’s love for all the community and enabling Bedford to be a happy, caring welcoming town’.


It was a cause for celebration that on the 14th December 2013 BTCC was officially launched in Bedford Town Centre by the Bishop of Bedford and the Mayor of Bedford. The launch was attended by many of the local churches who have supported BTCC’s multi-church initiative.

BTCC are currently recruiting chaplains. If you would like further information please contact us.

They are identified when on duty by wearing blue jackets with white logo representing the bridges of Bedford and hands reaching across the bridges. The jackets have Chaplain written in bold letters across the back. All the chaplains carry ID.

BTCC Chaplains represent local churches in Bedford.

Chaplains are currently out and about on a weekly basis.